Forum rules

Moderator Discretion - but must reference a rule
Everything may be appealed - requires a moderator tribunal
Rules are Subject to change - however a rule is broken when it is a rule, you will still be punished.
Moderator Conference AND Public Majority Support (2/3rds) required to change a rule
If you see a rule broken and a moderator does not catch it, it REQUIRES a report. If you see something,

1. Do not post with malicious intent.
a) Do not harass others via the Private Message system (A screencap is required in a report)
2. Do not excessively spam. If a moderator tells you to stop, you must.
3. NSFW material MUST be accompanied by a NSFW tag whenever it is posted. This tag can be "NSFW" "NSFW:G" "NSFW:P" or "NSFL" Or some kind of tag - however expressions of shock do not count as a tag
a) NSFW coverage extends across multiple media formats of "obscene" material and can be applied to porn, gore, and descriptions of either.
b) Realistic art/literature of NSFW material must be tagged, however, overly cartoonish gore is allowed.
4. Do not take someone's identity/directly impersonate others
a) Satirical depictions of others is allowed
b) If a moderator tells you to stop, stop.
5. Do not use the mods as weapons against others.
a) This extends to Private Messages - do not demand actions against others
6. Do not be a rules lawyer.
7. Do not post private information ||without permission||
a) When reporting violation, Private Message the first response moderator with evidence.
8. No abusing power.
a) mods may not rule on complaints against them/they have made
b) Complaints involving Rule #8 will require a moderator tribunal.
9. Poll requests may be sent to moderators
a) moderators reserve the right to deny poll requests

A punishment may be stricken after an appeal for such
After 90 days, the record of punishment is stricken.
Punishment is based upon frequency, severity, and moderator discretion

First offence: Warning
Second offence: 1 Day Ban/
Third offence: 2 Day Ban
Fourth offence: 3 Day Ban
Fifth offence: 5 Day Ban.
Sixth (and past) offence: A tribunal will be convened to decide punishment - moderator discretion